Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three Good Things

A couple of years ago my son Nathan began to complain. He complained about everything school, the weather, food, it went on and on....and on. So on those days that he was particularly complainy I started making him tell me three good things about his day. It could be anything. Sometimes it was "school is over today" or "I had recess" but at least he was finding something good about the day.

Thus the Whitney Three Good Things tradition was born.

This week has been a tough week for our family.  To begin with Nathan has had half days of school all week and Becca has been sick.  Add that to already crazy schedules filled with programming kettles, United Way grant that has to be done early, demanding people and crabby clients and it is a recipe for disaster.

Last night after my husband got home it turned into one giant pity party.  My husband finally stopped me mid-sentence and said "Three good things." And because I don't like things to go unfinished, I tried to complete my sentence and he interrupted me again and said  "Three good things."

So here were my three good things from yesterday:
  1. At our nursing home visit yesterday, a non-responsive lady suddenly burst into song! We were all kind of shocked and finally just joined in singing Joy to the World with her. 
  2. Last night our Women's Ministries made ornaments with our shelter residents for their Christmas tree. It wasn't really a big deal for me or for the Women's Ministries group but our residents had such a great time! The kids were especially excited.  One little boy was running around yelling, "It's Christmas tree time!!!"  His mom kept saying, "I'm so glad my children won't miss decorating a tree just because we don't have our own place." 
  3. We were able to get our daughter into see the doctor quickly.  She was diagnosed with croup and the doctor gave her medicine and told us how to take care of her. We are so fortunate to have the means to provide great medical care for our children and that we have access to doctors and medicine. 
So if you find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated today stop and just look for three good things. Make sure you share those three good things with someone. It helps to verbalize them.

Praying that today you will see those three little birds on your doorstep....

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