Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dare to Dream: The Salvation Army Spiritual Life and Retreat Center

Even while I was still a soldier I felt the calling to minister to officers in The Salvation Army. God laid it on my heart early on, that pastors need to be cared for, loved, and encouraged just as much as the flock they tend to. In recent years there as been even more awareness brought to this issue. As I have prayed about it God has given me this dream.  I realize that in order for this dream to happen I would probably have to become independently wealthy, but hey, God is in the miracle business.  ;)

My dream is to create The Salvation Army Spiritual Life and Retreat Center.  The focus of this ministry would be officers but it would also be open to lay leaders and soldiers who are beginning to feel the effects of burnout.

I'm not sure where exactly it would be located but it would need to be beautiful and off the beaten path.  There would need to be lots of land so that people, if they choose could spread out a bit and be alone with God. 

There would be several villas, for long term stays, maybe even short sabbaticals and a bed and breakfast type house for the shorter stays. 

We wouldn't need much staff because the people who were staying there would all pitch in to help cook the meals clean the place, and even work in the gardens.

There would be planned themed retreats, ie. marriage retreats, art retreats, holiness retreats, etc. But there would also be space for people to come and just be. Officers don't get that opportunity very often.

We would request that cell phones and laptops not be brought in.  There would be a phone and a computer available if necessary.  The whole point of the Center would be to unplug and if people brought in their own electronic devices the temptation would be to use them.

Imagine the spiritual returns on this kind of investment!

There is a brief picture of my dream. Maybe someday, when I retire...