Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing Tacky...

For those of you who don't know Tacky, let me be the first to introduce him.  This is Tacky...

Tacky is...well...tacky.  He tries to be like the other penguins who all look and act the same, very dignified in their formal attire but it really just doesn't work for him.  He's loud and anything but dignified and, no matter how hard he tries he just cannot be like the other penguins.  He's not a bad penguin.  On the contrary, he's very sweet.  He just doesn't seem to fit in with his penguin peers.  

This blog is about me embracing my inner Tacky.  I live in a world where we all look the same and sometimes, I think people expect that because we look the same we should all be the same.  At least I struggle with that expectation for myself.  This blog is a place for me to figure out how to live honestly and embrace who God has created me to be,  This is where I'll share some of the things I like, some things I don't like, things I laugh and cry about, and things I'm just trying to understand.  Sometimes I'll share practical ideas, sometimes I'll be silly, and sometimes I may get deep and philosophical.  But whatever I post, I promise that I will always be honest.  

So here it is, my first inaugural blog post.  Thanks for being interested enough to join me on this crazy adventure.  

For those of you who've never read about Tacky, grab a friend and run don't walk to your public library and read Tacky The Penguin by Helen Lester.  I promise you will not be disappointed. 


  1. I love Tacky. I LIVE tacky!

  2. We love Tacky in our house. Have all his books. He is a classic - just like you.

  3. Whoowhoo! Gooooo Tacky!!